Friday, September 25, 2009

who is poor??

Who Is Poor??

We need money to survive our life,right?

Sometimes we think we're poor because we don't have enough money, right?

I want to ask you,is it true that we can called people who doesn't have money as


Who is poor?

One day the Prophet asked his dear companions whether they knew who was


They answered that poor was one who had no dirham or dinar.

He said :

"In my Ummah,the poor is that man who would appear on the Day of the Judgment before ALLAH : he had offered prayer, he had pay zakat, he had observed fast, but he would have abused somebody, he would have falsely accused some one,he would have unauthorisedly taken some one else's property, he would have murdered some one, would have hit some body. All his virtues would be given to his victims. If his virtues are finished before his wicked deeds are finished, then the errors and sins of the victim would be given to him n he would be thrown into the Hell."


Such a man is really poor.His condition is like that trader who has good worth

1 thousand rupees
but he is a debtor for 2 thousand rupees.

How can such a man be called rich?

A religious man who offers certain prayers or performs certain forms of

worship,but even after
that performs certain evil deeds.Behaves rudely

with the people, treat poor and helpless people cruelly,

how then such a man will be called righteous?

The Prophet has explained by quoting an example.

He said that the best moral character melts
error like water and bad morals

spoil man's record as vinegar spoils honey.

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