Tuesday, September 22, 2009


After one month fasting,now this is the time to me, to us, to all muslim celebrate eid-mubarak.


When I was child [p/s now i am teenager], i thought that raya is just the day to collect the money,to wear the new clothes,to have a big meal.

But for the real, raya is more than that.

Do you really know what raya is?

ehmmm....i gues you all already know..so,i won't to explain that la,hehe..

But for me,raya is an oppurtunity to strengthen the brotherhood among muslim

through visiting or we call "ziarah".

So, before syawal i have made a list of things to do this raya.Iwant this syawal has a value meaning and beneficial

What the things to do this raya??

1)I want to apologise to my parent,siblings,and to all people that i know.

2)Try to strengthen the ukhwah or brotherhood among my famiy and all muslim..

3)Take a sunnah.which sunnah?6 days fasting la...

Am i have done all this things???
hahaha..yes yes,but not completely done la..stil ongoing.

There is a question that i want to ask to the reader

Whay we are encouraged to strength the ukhwah?

The answer is humans are mortal, so we are mortal.
We not tecognize or realize or know when we die...
So through the strengthen ukhwah can help us in akhirat..

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  1. alhamdulillah
    that's another beautiful interpretation of hari raya to hear : a day to strengthen the ukhuwah.

    very good,masyaAllah