Saturday, October 17, 2009

Event at 10 october

After finish accompany Aisyah to solve her problem,we were going to my room at block B from the Musalla.when we arrive in front of my room,the condition around is so dark and gloomy.I think,all of my roomate were slept...yea,maybe there are tired with their own activities at the day but when i want to open the door,suddently,i felt felt something wrong here.why all of them were slept at the some times?before i am going to accompany Aisyah to finished her problem,i saw them is still exuberant(bersemangat) to study.whatever..

after i open the door,i command Aisyah to enter first because the condition around is so dark.i can't see anything but I saw some small red light on and off...haha,there's a light from kak daya's lap,i can guess what that will happen..hehehe..

klik!the lamp is switch on.the condition is become bright and suudently i heard the singing voices from my friend..happy birthday...happy birthday and happy birthday...

first, i think they just doing like that to make surprised but when i want to going to my bed,i saw something on the table at the centre of my room.there,i saw the chocolate cake,burger,junk food and fresh orange that ready to eat.oh no..! honestly,this is the first time i have an amazing surprised like that because after that when i want to celebrate my birthday,i must use my own money and the condition is so different now.i am so happy.

thanks my friend ...!!!

after that,i asked they all how that they can hide the cake and others because i can't smell that amazing surprised and they said "let it to be our secret...but it is so hard to do that because you never out from this room until Aisyah need you to acompany she going to the Musalla." =>

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  1. Wahhh.. so sweet!
    that's what we get when we help others, and be fiends with people whom we know would bring good things in our life, right? =]

    the moral of the story is : "be a good friend, and be friends with good'll never regret it"

    wassalam..and Happy Belated Birthday!